Welcome to The UK Flavour Association

The UK Flavour Association represents the interests of the flavouring industry in the UK. It is the leading organisation dealing with the legislative and technical needs of the industry and is active in Europe through its membership of the European Flavour Association, EFFA. EFFA is, in turn, a member of the International Organisation of the Flavouring Industry IOFI which represents the industry on a global basis.

It was formed in 1917 as the British Essence Manufacturers’ Association, changing its name in 2012 to reflect the wider membership that now plays a role in the Association. The association currently represents 30 company members.

The objectives of the association are summarised as:

  • To proactively promote and protect the interest of its members
  • To encourage members to maintain high standards in the conduct of their business dealings and to adhere to the EFFA and IOFI Codes of Practice
  • To represent the interests of members both within the UK and internationally.
  • To provide coordination on regulatory, safety, technical and scientific issues
  • To provide a forum for members to raise concerns and resolve issues related to the industry.
The UK Flavour Association has issued a statement regarding the use of flavourings in e-cigarettes which can be found here.