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Our link with Europe

The UK Flavour Association is a full member of the European Flavour Association (EFFA). Along with other national Associations within Europe, together we aim to promote and support a consistent European-wide strategy on flavour issues.

EFFA was established in 1961 with a mission to protect and enhance the flavour industry’s interests for the common benefit of its members and partners. EFFA’s members are flavouring companies that manufacture or blend flavours within the EU and it is made up of associations from across Europe.

The objectives of EFFA and its members are:

  • To promote and support a consistent, European-wide strategy on flavour issues.
  • To monitor flavour related EU legislation.
  • To stimulate, co-ordinate and monitor best practice in regulatory, safety technical and scientific issues.
  • To create networks and alliances with other European associations.
  • To co-ordinate approved European work streams and projects.


Following the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, core EU legislation and regulations have been retained. The Association is keeping a keen eye on diverging legislation as regulations on both sides of the Channel are updated and evolve. Key links with both regulators and sister associations across Europe enable us to identify barriers to trade and help members navigate the increasingly complex requirements of importing and exporting. As a globally-sourced industry, Brexit does not stop the UK Flavour Association's members from providing their customers with innovative solutions for consumers.