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How to join

We welcome applications from prospective members looking to enjoy the benefits of being part of the UK Flavour Association.

The following categories outline the membership opportunities available, and the conditions of these memberships:

A. Qualification of Full Membership

Any person, firm or corporate body established in the UK who sells and/or manufactures flavourings, flavourings substances or essential oils either in the UK or overseas and who sells the said flavourings to another person, firm or corporate body may be eligible for full membership.

B. Qualification of Associate Members

Any person, firm or corporate body that are substantial manufacturers within the UK of flavourings for processing and use in their own products but not for re-sale may be admitted to associate membership.

C. Observer members

Companies providing supporting services to those fulfilling the criteria of a) or b) and in clear need of regulatory information regarding flavourings may be admitted to observer membership.

D. Consultant members

Persons who offer consulting services to companies fulfilling the criteria of a), b) or c) may be admitted to consultant membership. Membership should not be seen as an endorsement of their services.

Please make membership applications in writing to the Secretariat.

All applications are then proposed and seconded by members of the Association. The Executive Committee shall, by a simple majority, with the Chairman having a casting vote, decide whether or not an applicant shall be admitted and decide the appropriate grade of membership.

As a condition of membership, all members must comply with the EFFA and IOFI constitution and statutes. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the Association. To download an application form, click here.

Please feel free to contact the Secretariat if you have any questions regarding membership.

“Around the table there are some highly knowledgeable people with regulatory experience. The Food Standards Agency comes to most meetings to inform the association of progress with the EU commission.

Through the UKFA, members hear about European-wide and global trade issues and changes to Regulations as we are part of EFFA (European Flavour Assoc.) and IOFI (International organisation of Flavour Industries).

Being part of UKFA has been critical for our business to ensure we can evaluate potential impacts of changes in legislation and ensure we have taken the relevant steps to be prepared.”

Helen McNair, Technical Director, Lionel Hitchen Ltd