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Why are we important to our customers?

All UK Flavour Association members are, in turn, members of the European and International trade associations, and, as a result, all agree to adhere to the Codes of Practice of both of the associations. This ensures the safe manufacture and use of flavours, and all flavour suppliers benefit enormously from the ongoing support that their association membership gives them.

Members have the benefit of association updates on ongoing legislative matters to ensure that they are fully aware of all potential upcoming changes in legislation. They are also able to influence legislative bodies.

Coordination and communication between members permits an industry-wide approach to issues. Furthermore, liaison with customer associations means a better understanding of customers’ needs. The UK Flavour Association provides the best way for flavour companies to:

  • Be aware of and prepare for changes in the EU and UK regulatory regimes.
  • Participate in a concentrated industry response to those proposed changes, aimed at achieving the most workable regulatory framework for the future.
  • Be aware of UK, European and broader global issues affecting the flavour business. Joining the UK Flavour Association is the only way for SMEs to obtain membership of the European (EFFA) and global (IOFI) flavour industry associations.
  • Monitor and compare demands upon our industry from major customers and, where appropriate, develop common industry positioning to deal with these.
  • Be aware of consumer issues that may impact our industry over time; good examples being the growth in the organic movement, and the concern with GM foods.
  • Keep up-to-date with all other indirect regulatory issues affecting the flavour industry by virtue of what it does; for example Health & Safety, Food Safety or Excise Duty arrangements.
  • This enables our members to provide their customers with well informed, reliable and up-to-date information on key issues relating to the use of flavourings, and helps them to obtain technical support that is aligned to national and international best practice.

The UK Flavour Association member handbook

The UK Flavour Association is pleased to share its new member handbook, which outlines the way in which the Association works and how it can support flavour companies and other stakeholders within the food and beverage industry. 

Download it by clicking the button below.

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The UK Flavour Association is pleased to share its new member handbook, which is now available to download.
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